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Business Faro Car Rental

 Apart from being a worldwide tourist destination, Portugal is also an economic and cultural center, so Business Car Rental in Faro and in the Algarve region is an option to consider for hundreds of people who come to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for business rather than pleasure.
Faro, the capital city of the Algarve, is the most prominent cultural and economic center in the region, attracting investors, businessmen, as well as artists and other personalities. When traveling for business, having your own car may not always be an option. This is where Air Auto Business Car Rental comes into play.
The easiest way of negotiating Faro and its surroundings is behind the wheel of a reliable hired car. The booking procedure is done prior to arrival and only takes a few minutes. After you have booked online and received the email confirmation, you will have the guarantee of having a vehicle ready for you.
The car can be picked up directly from Faro Airport, but it can also be delivered to your hotel in the Algarve region. Payment for the rental is done on pick up, which is when the contract is also signed.
There are many advantages to renting a car with Air Auto Car Rental. Aside from the easy booking process, it is worth mentioning the fact that the car fleet offers a wide variety of models to choose from. Our car rental solution offers great value for money.
There are also many extra options available. For instance, you can enjoy Wi-Fi Internet connection and GPS, you can travel to Spain and you can purchase additional coverage (aside from TP, TW and CDW which are already included in the price).
All in all, Business Car Rental will make your stay in the Algarve enjoyable and convenient. The next step is to complete the online booking form!

Algarve Car Hire

 One of the main reasons Portugal is renowned for is its wonderful seaside, as thousands of international visitors flock to the Portuguese shores of the Atlantic Ocean every year in search of sun and fun. In this context, Vacation Car Rental from Faro airport is the ideal option, especially if you are traveling with your family or friends and you want to enjoy more freedom of movement.
The Algarve is a very popular tourist destination, not only for its seaside resorts, but also for its picturesque countryside and for its cultural wealth. There is much to see and to do there and probably the best way to enjoy Portugal to the full is to have a rental car at your disposal during your stay.
For those who haven’t hired a vehicle before, it is interesting to know that there are a few simple steps to take and you will ensure that the car you need is ready and waiting for you to come pick it up.
The first step in the process is completing the online booking form. After this, you will wait for the email confirmation - which is quick to be sent - and everything is confirmed: a car will be blocked especially for you.
On pick up, the car will be waiting for you in Faro Airport or it will be brought to your address in the Algarve. Payment is done on arrival, so there is no need to worry. To collect the car, you need valid documents (ID/ passport, driver’s license).
With your Air Auto Vacation Car Rental, you can then travel all around Portugal and even in Spain. You can choose from a variety of car groups and additional options (such as Internet, GPS, baby seats and additional coverage).
So whenever you plan your vacation, don’t forget to put Vacation Car Rental on your list!

Special Events Algarve Car Rental

 Are you planning to spend a unique moment in your life in a sunny and beautiful place? Portugal should definitely be on your list to consider and with Special Events Car Rental, you will also enjoy the benefit of having a reliable vehicle at your service for that special time.
A wedding on the beach by the sun-lit shores of the Algarve, for instance, can be the greatest dream of any romantic girl with a taste for an exotic landscape. The vast region of the Algarve also provides ample opportunities to organize a rustic wedding in the countryside, in a beautiful fishing village with eclectic architecture and welcoming people to join in the fun.
Transportation is a must in any given case. Both you and your guests will need vehicles for the special event and it is important to know just how easy it is to book cars for hire.
Aside from special events that one may organize (such as weddings, anniversaries and other parties), there are local events you shouldn’t miss in Faro, Portimao, Lagos and many other towns in the Algarve region.
Air Special Events Car Rental provides the opportunity to rent a quality car for an accessible price and the possibility to personalize your car hire with various additional options. The selection of cars for hire is very wide and you can opt for additionals such as second driver, trips to Spain, GPS and even Wi-Fi in the vehicle.
Booking online only takes a minute and the option of choosing Air Auto Car Rental is something you will not regret. The service is excellent, the staff is warm and helpful and the car rental is flexible.
Don’t miss any of the exciting events available in the Algarve just because you don’t have a car! Rent one with Air Auto Special Events Car Rental!